Sean K. DeMarco is one of America's most driven visionaries with a record of success as the owner and Chief Executive Officer of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. In addition to being an accomplished entrepreneur, mentor, author, investor, philanthropist, and socialite, DeMarco focuses his efforts on developing and renovating properties for single- and multi-units. Actively involved in real estate investment, property development and rehabilitation, and cryptocurrency, DeMarco leverages his business knowledge and technology expertise.

DeMarco uses the power of cryptocurrency to transform dreams into reality. While many people remain skeptical about crypto, DeMarco believes that it is the way of the future: "As inflation rates continue to skyrocket, saving money in a traditional bank account will only lead to a decrease in value over time. Prices continue to go up, but cash remains stagnant, making commodities expensive and less practical."

As an avid and relentless cryptocurrency enthusiast, DeMarco is determined to master its capabilities. His partnership with Crypto allows his customers the freedom to choose new-age methods of digital payments. To DeMarco, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and he wants to take every measure to ensure that all needs are met. "I believe in us all winning at the end of the day," he said.

Aside from being an independent thinker, DeMarco has assembled one of the greatest teams in the industry to provide innovative and exemplary service. He has reputable, industry-leading construction and demolition teams to work with his licensed appraisal team, ensuring excellence. DeMarco is always considering new projects and methods for simplifying processes for all investors. Currently, his team's experience and expertise can appraise and evaluate properties to purchase for cash and close in as little as a week.

Born and raised in California, DeMarco has amassed impressive knowledge of the California market to help investors personally and financially. His knowledge, paired with his tenacious spirit and go-getter mentality, has led him to create an empire and make financial decisions that positively impact their lives. Consequently, others may emulate this philosophy and become entrepreneurs, leading to a more efficient world.



Customers Reviews

Very great real estate professional & investor. Kind and knowledgeable guy!
Skilyr Boren
I love how Sean stayed wanted to assist even on Easter Sunday! Shows his dedication. Amazing guy.
Lily Hodgson
Such a very organized and professional team! Sean knows what he’s doing.
Robbie Kelli
The bluntness Mr. DeMarco projects is what we needed, he literally does not holdback. He gets shit done this guy is a BOSS!!!
Alexa Jovan
Honestly, I wouldn't work or trust anyone else these team is passionate about they do we need more people in the industry whom put forth the effort and drive like DeMarco Enterprises!
Danny Calomatix
This Guy knows how to lead by example! Great experience!
Neel Joseph
This places knows what they are doing. Service like never before.
Lisa Cscott
The owner owns multiple companies, he is a prime example of a successful entrepreneur. Highly recommend!
Janice Rmorris
I love the help Sean gave me thank you so much
James Abohannan




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